Elisha Rubinoff was born in Kibutz Galon in the south of Israel.

When 12 years old, he moved with his mother to live in Moshav Timorim, where he still resides today, with his family.

As a child Elisha loved to play with wood-carving and being a curious child he learned a lot about different materials and different technologies.

He taught himself what things are made of ( "I dismantled anything I could lay my hands on…").

By experimenting and succeeding he taught himself techniques and processes of making and creating everything.

After serving 3 years of Army duty, Elisha traveled to England where he worked in conservation and restoration of old buildings. That job gave him lots of experience in wood work: restoring, fixing and repairing wooden windows, doors and floors, restoring roofs with wooden components while conserving their antique design and color.

Upon returning to Israel, he established a company for building wood homes.

In the beginning the company erected homes made by "Mack", a Canadian log home company, as well as receiving different wood projects for pergolas, roofs and additions to houses.

Today his company is also building homes with the "Mitek" system - steel-frame houses, combining different materials.

Throughout all these years, along with creating a family and a company, Elisha created wooden art.

He bought his first lathe when he was 24.  Since then he has experienced and learned the art of woodturning, improved his abilities and learned various techniques for creating objects of art.

Elisha always aspired to create non-standard art, never seen before, whatever comes to his imagination.

Elisha draws his ideas from a wild imagination, not limited by implementation.

His ability to imagine and plan all the creation in his head, before starting to work, allows him to foresee the steps needed for the creation, in the right order, and to create complex art.

About 10 years ago Elisha started teaching woodturning in a workshop he established in his home.

His students learn how to turn from step 1, and receive basic information about the lathe, the tools and the materials.




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