Woodturning-Elisha Rubinoff

"I desire to create the impossible"

The art of woodturning for me is my path to a world of imagination.

Through the years I have developed my technical skills to the level of being able to create almost any shape that comes to my mind. I like my challenges...

My art is designed in a way that woodturning is a major part of the creation process, but it is not the only technique I use.

It is called "Sculptural Woodturning", and the piece of art is made with several techniques, and sometimes different materials are added.

When I plan a creation I imagine the final look, and I like to imagine it in motion, or hovering in the air. That's when I start to plan the implementation of the object and the steps I need to take to reach those feelings  - so that the viewer will also think that the object is either moving or hovering.


The art of Woodturning by Elis ...

The art of Woodturning by Elisha Rubinof


הסרטון מתאר, על ידי רצף של תמונות ,את שלבי היצירה מחומר הגלם הפשוט עד ...
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